Dietitians and Dermatologists Agree: It is Time to Bust These 5 Myths About Consuming Collagen

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Collagen has been a nutrient that has been splashed round on the packaging of snack bars, bone broths, bottled waters, complement powders, and even skincare merchandise for *fairly* some time now. However if you happen to’ve ever questioned what collagen is and if it is one thing you must fear about getting extra of in your weight loss plan, you have come to the precise place.

Merely put, collagen is essentially the most plentiful sort of protein present in our our bodies. It’s used to create connective tissue (also called fascia) and to maintain it robust and sturdy. Collagen can be a key element of our bones, muscle tissues, pores and skin, cartilage and tendons. As a pure a part of the getting older course of, our our bodies will progressively produce much less collagen over time, however way of life habits (reminiscent of solar publicity, smoking and lack of sleep) may cut back collagen manufacturing.

As a result of the quantity of collagen in our our bodies naturally declines with age, some select to hunt out collagen-rich merchandise to extend their consumption. And largely due to its connection to wholesome pores and skin, hair, and muscle, collagen has been positioned as a form of nutrient-rich supply of youth in some sectors of the meals, skincare, and complement industries. Whereas there is definitely nothing mistaken with eager to optimize your getting older course of in ways in which make you are feeling good, ought to we actually be so involved about collagen consumption? Right here, consultants in vitamin, well being and skincare supply some much-needed readability on the actual advantages of collagen, in addition to its limitations.

It is time for the collagen myths to be debunked, in keeping with RDs and derms

Delusion 1: Collagen is the *greatest* sort of amino acid

Fact bomb: Our physique does not know the distinction between amino acids, the constructing blocks of protein, so it does not instantly know the place they arrive from. They could come from animal protein, reminiscent of hen or fish. a plant-based possibility, reminiscent of beans or tofu; or these amino acids can come from a collagen peptide powder or a bowl of bone broth. Because the physique doesn’t file the supply of amino acids when consumed, and as a substitute solely considers it whole quantity of and selection within the amino acid profile, there isn’t any preferential therapy primarily based on protein origin, says registered dietitian Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN.

Based on Harris-Pincus, whereas it is nice to incorporate collagen as a part of a well-rounded, nutritious diet, it is important to additionally persistently eat a wide range of protein-rich entire meals so you do not miss out on any important amino acid vitamins. . A current examine discovered that consuming a wide range of protein-rich meals sources is instantly linked to decrease ldl cholesterol and higher coronary heart well being, too.

Delusion 2: Collagen-rich merchandise particularly goal wrinkles

It doesn’t matter what the advertising says, you possibly can’t dictate or direct the place the collagen you eat will go as soon as it enters your system, so if you happen to’re supplementing with collagen to counteract the pure lack of it in your pores and skin, there is not any assure it’ll go there. Our our bodies are sensible and know prioritize, says Harris-Pincus. For instance, our physique is aware of that therapeutic a wound or repairing a broken muscle shall be extra essential than stopping an age wrinkle from creating in your face, so it’ll use the required amino acids accordingly.

Whereas collagen actually will not reverse getting older and is not thought-about any type of therapy for effective strains, common consumption might supply some potential advantages in sustaining pores and skin elasticity and texture. A scientific evaluation that analyzed 11 research in 805 sufferers discovered that collagen supplementation supported wound therapeutic and getting older pores and skin and elevated pores and skin elasticity, hydration ranges, and pores and skin collagen density. The identical evaluation confirmed that collagen dietary supplements are typically secure and with out unfavorable negative effects, Harris-Pincus says.

Many flip to collagen to reverse or stop the looks of getting older, which isn’t doable. Nevertheless, collagen may help enhance pores and skin hydration and supply energy and assist restore pores and skin cells. This could decelerate getting older and make pores and skin look youthful. Nevertheless, it additionally requires topical software, says registered dietitian Trista Greatest, RD, LD, MPH.

TL? DR: It’s all about managing expectations. Generally, collagen-rich meals and dietary supplements could also be mildly efficient in delaying the getting older course of to some small diploma, however they actually should not be relied on to utterly stop wrinkles, Greatest says. Collagen gives skin-strengthening advantages when used particularly topically, and not less than it does not do any hurt, it simply cannot be the inspiration of your weight loss plan or skincare regime.

Delusion 3: Collagen powder and protein powder are the identical factor

With regards to including protein to your post-workout routine, a collagen complement will not be as efficient as conventional protein powder, extra importantly, consuming extra protein-rich meals. The protein incorporates 20 amino acids, 9 of that are important, that means it could’t be made by the physique, Greatest says. Protein powders are thought-about full proteins as a result of they’re nearly all the time made with all 20 amino acids. So sure, protein powder tends to be extra ultimate to eat post-workout for restoration [compared to exclusively consuming collagen] and is simpler in rebuilding muscle and assembly the necessities of those 9 amino acids.

It’s because collagen dietary supplements usually are not made with practically the quantity of amino acids that conventional protein powders are. Collagen is not a whole protein, so it is not an excellent complement for growing protein consumption, provides Harris-Pincus. An entire protein reminiscent of whey is extra appropriate for a post-workout restoration snack, particularly since it’s excessive in [the amino acid] leucine, which is essential for supporting muscle development and restore.

Delusion 4: You possibly can soak up collagen instantly into your pores and skin

Collagen, when utilized to the pores and skin, is just too giant a molecule to essentially soak up instantly, so there is not a really nice depth of penetration. So whenever you see collagen in a skincare product, its in all probability hydrolyzed collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen is a damaged down model of the essential constructing blocks of collagen, says Erum N. Ilyas, MD, MBE, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and CEO and founding father of AmberNoon. Some merchandise might include hydrolyzed collagen for the reason that precise collagen is just too giant to be absorbed, so in principle this kind could also be higher absorbed as a result of smaller collagen breakdown merchandise. That stated, how a lot this differs in comparison with different moisturizers is difficult to say for certain. I personally do not use collagen dietary supplements as a part of my wellness routine as a result of it is merely not obligatory to guard pores and skin because it ages.

Delusion 5: Including collagen to water is one of the simplest ways to eat it

The truth is that the recognition of collagen water appears to be primarily linked to the advertising campaigns of varied manufacturers and the convenience of consumption, as we’re all in search of easy anti-aging options, says Dr. Ilyas. (Who cannot relate?) She recommends not selecting collagen water over plain water (or consuming protein-rich meals) for its touted advantages. Drink it provided that you just like the style, he says. Collagen is of course ingested, spends time within the acidic atmosphere of the abdomen and theoretically must be absorbed and transported to the pores and skin so as to strengthen the pores and skin’s help, however whether or not or not this course of truly happens and to what extent the wedding needs to learn and see the outcomes haven’t but been nicely examined or validated by professional scientific analysis.

So go forward and revel in these collagen protein bars or pair them with a few of these different meals that may assist enhance its effectiveness.

Nonetheless confused about collagen? Here is a deeper dive into its advantages on your pores and skin and extra.

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