Here is what we have realized from NASA’s DART mission to hit asteroids to this point

Here's what we've learned from NASA's DART mission to hit asteroids so far

The DART mission, NASA’s first try to show whether or not it’s potential to steer an asteroid off a collision course with Earth, has been described as a “large success” by scientists concerned within the challenge.

THE TARGET asteroid system of ARROWor the Double Asteroid Redirection Check, was the two,560-foot-wide (780-meter) area rock. Twin and the smallest orbiting “moon” of Dimorphos, simply 530 ft (160 meters) in diameter. The DART mission struck Dimorphos on September 26, 2022, with the impression and its aftermath noticed by a number of ground-based observatories, in addition to space-based devices such because the Hubble House Telescope and James Webb House Telescope (JWST). The impact of DART additionally adopted LICACube spacecraft, who traveled to Dimorphos and Didymos with DART.

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